Giving ideas a (welcoming) shape

Having a design in mind and managing to test not only its feasibility but also its… comfort. This is exactly what we did during our collaboration with our partner/designer for the production of an armchair. Here’s how we did it.
Once we received the rendering we produced the iron base and a first resin prototype for the initial testing; immediately thereafter, we prepared the version with the chosen materials. Once feasibility had been checked and estimated, we implemented some corrective actions to settle the market price. We then proceeded with the final supply of the final prototype and the initial production for the official launch at the trade fair.
The sequence of images in the above gallery illustrates the various stages of this process and of a method which allows the exact calibration of each individual step, to achieve a final product that translates an idea into a concrete, optimised, reproducible object and, in this case, also a comfortable one. ;-)