Regardless of whether it is related to the products, it almost always refers to the processes as well because engineering means ensuring that the product’s specifications defined by the design are set (and therefore, often, also changed) to take into account the characteristics of the production process used.

Here, we have a great competitive advantage: we operate in many and varied fields. This allows us to come into direct contact with, and to personally know the problems related to, the diversity of production processes. As a consequence, we are uniquely placed to be able to identify the most appropriate techniques and procedures to accomplish results.

Do you need a complete operational plan? Or are consultancy and support sufficient? At Somidesign we can provide everything needed to implement the correct procedures and to ensure that everything works properly and in the best possible way.

Predicting design changes in order to facilitate part handling and processing operations, changing the specifications of some parts or the configuration of the subsystems: with our contribution, engineering is tried and tested.

Who: Optimization Section

What: prefigure innovation

How: through compatible models

For whom: company, designers, engineers, architects