The supplier puzzle

You are a 5-star hotel and if your new restaurant is not ready in time, you risk leaving your guests without a place to eat. The design and aesthetic look are quite sophisticated and fashionable, as they should be, and the materials reflect the 5-star elegance of the hotel. Coordinating a multitude of projects and suppliers is one of the most difficult parts of the work, especially under stressful conditions. The German client appointed us – an Italian company – to manage the production of the seating. Metallic parts, wood, upholstery and coverings – every aspect had to be of the highest quality.
Everything had to pass strict durability and performance tests and be ready by the tight delivery date. The project was developed – through prototyping, development and cost definition – with the design studio that the client had appointed to make all the components for the new environment. Collaboration and the ability to coordinate the right suppliers were the qualities most appreciated.