Who we are

Somidesign is a services company. We provide solutions in the form of products, from furniture to the automotive sector, from domestic appliances to accessories.

At Somidesign we look for people with whom to share, build and develop the story of a project, an idea, an intuition.
Together . We bring our expertise to the table. Clients bring their hopes and dreams.
By assisting with and following the development of a project, step by step, right from the start, we develop a “product philosophy” that can respond to any requirement.
To think and to create and move pro-actively; to anticipate the needs and trends of the future, to face them before they arrive: that is our mission. A way to be ahead. Always ahead.

Assisting and following together, step by step, the development of a project from its origin allows us to develop a “product philosophy” able to respond to every need. Unlike the classic supplier, our company is structured around the processes of every single client: supporting the client in all stages of the design and manufacturing process is one of our added values.

Thinking, creating and moving in a pro-active manner, anticipating the needs and trends of the future, trying to intercept them before they materialise, is our mission. A way to be ahead, always.

We strive to support each client with the utmost care and attention. Individual business functions ensure the careful management of a project and help constantly evolve the company.


A department dedicated to the research, development and industrialisation of new products, thanks to co-engineering with the client.
It creates a virtual simulation of the final product, with rendering and prototyping that display the final result and facilitate decision making.


Department dedicated to studying the needs of the various sectors, developing ad hoc solutions, which integrate the single products in a coordinated and comprehensive system.
It also offers technical solutions as well as ex-novo design of products and/or components to complete the client's offer to the end user.
Combining experience and “best practices” (using organisational procedures, methods and formalised and widely tested forms) the Somidesign know-how grows proportionally and is made available to everyone.

Sales and Support

The client's compass. Providing all the support necessary, with meetings and discussions to better expose the needs and expectations of a particular project. Whether at the company's premises or on site, our highly skilled technical and design staff are always available to analyse alternatives to resolve any issues. Meetings allow us to summarise the work carried out to solve the client's needs.


Somidesign coordinates a network of highly specialised suppliers and manufacturing processes. This network is capable of providing excellent service and quality, perfectly in line with the Somidesign philosophy.


Somidesign stands beside the client in a partnership based on continuous support.
The company works constructively and effectively with the client, finding the right point of contact for each business function and presenting itself as an added function.